Our horses are raised with the ultimate goal of being a great performer in sports
From the day they are born, we teach our horses respect for humans and other horses through good horsemanship. By good horsemanship we mean using a healthy common-sense approach when dealing with horses, as well as using methodologies from experts such as Pat Parelli, LindaTellington (T-Touch) and Emiel Voest.

The young horses live in as free an environment as possible, in a carefully selected group of horses of different ages, from whom they learn natural herd behaviour.
The horses are handled daily by humans, which makes it easier for vets and farriers to work with them later.

The basics, training and riding are done in collaboration with a variety of enthusiastic experts such as Western qualified instructor and Freestyle trainster Irene Smeets of Kings Crossing, Lisanne Epping (training and
riding) and Stijn Schyvens (showtraining).

We focus in particular on showing our horses all-around in western (Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship and Reining), endurance and dressage.