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We are offering a very special coloured PUREBED Arabian Khemosabi++++ granddaughter for sale!

The USA bred Khlassic Sarannade is a very beautiful extreme sabino rabicano 2008 purebred arabian mare.
She is sired by Khartoon Khlassic (by the worldfamous Khemosabi ++++), who has sired multiple USA champions. Her dam, Gold N Serenity, is a Canadian National Top Ten Western Pleasure Jr. Horse.

Sarannade herself was Sweepstakes nominated and carries the very rare extreme sabino gene. The only "pinto" gene found in the Arabian breed.
This makes Sarannade an unique oppurtinity for breeding colours!
Her first foal, sired by a solid sire, was also an extreme sabino horse.

Pedigree Khlassic Sarannade

But there is more...
Khlassic Sarranade is a very tall lady, longlegged and has a beautiful face. She is an amazing mover and is basic ridden western pleasure.
She will be for sure an eyecatcher in the showarena!


The Coloured Beauty
The Coloured Beauty
We offer the distinctive breeder the unique opportunity to buy an embryo of our gorgeous mares YAZAHRA HAYATI (Jazzmeen x Yentl) or YANYHLA HAYATI (Yanour Hayati x ASE Jazzaree) for breeding season 2018.

Both mares are of excellent quality without any Marwan or Justice in their pedigrees.

Contact us for more information.

The Coloured Beauty

The Queen of Cool

Our beautiful, sweet foundation mare, the MENES granddaughter YENTL

SCID, CA , LFS and CEM clear.

Yentl is a very solid broodmare and a real athlete! She is professionally Natural Horsemanship trained, won several (Inter) National Western Pleasure Championship titles, performed in reining, showjumping and is Endurance level II (40-79 km) qualified. Yentl has an extreme cool character & is bomb proof!
This mare gets in foal easily (normally within the first try) and stamps spectacular movement, good body conformation, long, beautiful shaped necks and sweet charismatic characters.

Contact us: info@yildizarabians.nl

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