2016 Bay colt
Yanour Hayati (JK Catalyst) x ASE Jazzaree

Bred by Yildiz Arabians

Yazur Hayati is a spitting image of his sire Yanour Hayati. Unbelievable long legs, very correctly built, a beautiful shaped long neck. Like his sire, his tail is high set and always on his back!
This big sized fellar was born in a split second and in just a few minutes he was already standing.
We gave him the name Zur, which means Rock, because of his solidity and strong looks.


Yanour Hayati

The Sky is the Limit....
Ultimate Grace....
2014 Bay filly
Jazzmeen (Essteem) x Yentl
Bred and owned by Yildiz Arabians

Yazahra Hayati means "Oh flower of my life" and a delightful flower of grace and beauty she is!

Yazahra has lots of type, a dishy face, lovely little ears, a tiny muzzle and huge eyes, just like her mother. She has a good sloping shoulder, tremendous long legs and a strong body and topline.
And boy oh boy....she can MOVE!!!!
She has a very loveable character; very sweet but confident at the same time! A girl with great attitude! She is cute and she knows it!

Yazahra is SCID, CA and LFS free.

* Bronze medal Champion at the international B show Tulip
Cup 2014
* Silver medal Champion at the Arabian Horse Weekend 2014

Yazahra Hayati

Born to Win....
Yanyhla Hayati

2015 Grey Filly
Yanour Hayati (JK Catalyst) x ASE Jazzaree

Bred & Owned by Yildiz Arabians

Yanyhla Hayati is the first offspring of our homebred Yanour Hayati and the second breedinggeneration of Yildiz Arabians.

Yanyhla is exactly the type of filly we hoped she would be! She has a short, exotic face, lovely little curly ears, a tiny muzzle and huge eyes.
Her neck is long and well shaped. This adorable little lady has a well balanced body and a strong back.
Yanyhla is a longlegged girl with the movements of her sire and the showy attitude of her dam.
Yanyhla Hayati ...she's got it all!

Yanyhla is SCID, CA and LFS free.

2011 Bay Rabicano Colt
JK Catalyst x Yentl
Bred & Owned by Yildiz Arabians

Yanour Hayati is our first offspring of our foundation mare Yentl. He is everything we wished for!
With his long legs, long beautiful shaped neck and tiny muzzle he is an extremely luxuriuous colt.

Yanour is very correctly built, moves with power and has the showy moves! We will retain this stunner as our chief sire and sporthorse.

Yanour Hayati, the sky is the limit!

Yanour is SCID, CA and LFS free.

Let's Rock!
Yazur Hayati

The King of Hearts
Yamajid Hayati

2017 Grey colt
S.M.A. Magic One (Psytadel) x Yentl

Bred by Yildiz Arabians

For a very long time we anxiously awaited this amazing colt. But boy oh boy, he fullfilled all of our dreams!

Majid has a beautiful exotic face, dishy with a wide forehead, tiny muzzle and HUGE eyes. We really love his curly ears!
His legs reach almost the sky and he has a nice long, sloping shoulder.
His star is heartshaped and because he welcomes everybody with lots of kisses and cuddles, we gave him the nickname ''The King of Hearts'.