Yildiz Arabians

Yildiz Arabians, modern breeder of high quality Arabian Purebreds, situated in the beautiful province of Brabant, the Netherlands.
"Beauty in Motion"

Yildiz Arabians was founded in 2011 by namesake Yildiz Horsten, who is Brabantian and Burgundian at heart.

She inherited her love for horses at an early age from her grandfather, who bred ponies. As a toddler, she was put on a horse, to never come off again.

Since her introduction to the Arabian breed during her teenage years, Yildiz considers these horses to be the most beautiful and elegant on earth.
After a long period of riding other people's horses, she decided in 2007 that it was time to purchase her first Arabian purebred horse, the foundation mare Yentl.
It was love at first sight and after learning the basics, they soon started competing in Western Riding shows.

In 2009 she followed in her grandfather's footsteps and decided to try to preserve what is good within the Arabian breed, and even improve it if possible.
The breeding farm became a reality.

Our goal is to breed outstanding purebred Arabians. These horses come as close as possible to the breeding standard and most importantly, they excel in a variety of disciplines. We combine the athletism of the Russian lines with the elegance and beauty of modern bloodlines of sires like Ali Jamaal, Bey Shah/Bask and Marwan al Shaqab.
All of our horses are gentle in nature, but at the same time, they have extraordinary charisma, type, superb body conformation and the strongest moves you have ever seen!

Breeding a good horse doesn't stop with finding the right match. We prepare our young horses from day one to become a compagnion for life by handling them daily and teaching them respect for human beings.
We also want them to become strong and healthy horses.
Therefore they need to BE a horse, spending most of their time playing with friends in the fields, learning natural herd behaviour and survive in all weather conditions.

With kind Regards
Yildiz Horsten
Warmth, appreciation of people and animals and the enjoyment of nature and beauty are important principles at Yildiz Arabians.

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